Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A psalm of worship: out of the overflow

Sometimes I overflow with love for my savior to the point of exploding! I am not in an extraordinary mood. Things in my life are not perfect in fact many things are the opposite of perfect at the moment. In some things I am drowning in others with God's ability in me I am excelling. However the bible says:.... the joy of the Lord is your strength.. Neh 8:10
It is the joy from the Lord that overcomes circumstances and is the reminder that this is NOT our home. That our circumstances have nothing to do with the Joy we carry inside for the promise of eternity at the feet of our savior. So in that light I would like to share some of my overflow ;0).

If you never gave me another breath or another chance to speak,
of all you've brought into my life and all you mean to me.

Then I'd take the time to write it down so when it's done you'll see,
 you where never overlooked you're the one who set me free.

My heart bleeds at your sacrifice my soul seeks your touch,
If I could only see one face I ache for yours that much.

If all my senses were taken away still I'd know your call,
everything inside me would scream that your my all.

If nothing had a voice if even the sun lost it's rays,
The very rocks beneath my feet would find a voice to praise.

You are my love, my joy, my peace, my heart, my life, my friend,
my keeper, my redeemer, my rewarder in the end.

Without you there would be no light, no end to this encompassing night.

I would pray for your mercy and beg for your grace,
I would weep in your presence and bow before your face.

So if I had no words to speak or had no way to call,
I would simply write, "Dear Lord, Please know you are my all."

Tara Quinn July 2007

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