Friday, August 17, 2012

Ignoring the word vs. ignorance of the word

There are often things we do or don't do  because we are ignorant of what God's word says when we are new Christians. When we are made to know what the word says then we repent and vow to do things right the next time. This is ignorance on our part and so we have no ill intent or lack of respect for God's word.

There is however a time in life where we know we are at a crossroads and need to seek God's will for our lives in one area or another and choose not to. This is ignoring God and His word or will for our lives.

I have many times in my life gone through trials, stresses, and frustrations that took me to a place where I was so exhausted I just did not want to read the Bible. When I prayed I either did not have words or the words I spoke I had repeated many times and they simply did not mean what they should.

I have seen friends and family go through trials and known the tone in their voice or the distance in their eyes that lets me know they are in the same place. I hurt when I see it because I know the long list of bad decisions that usually come from that hard hearted place. We discard the right thing for what feels right. I know I am not alone.

God is merciful and He has been so gracious to save me from many consequences. Consequences from bad decisions coming from this place in life.  But in those times I was, whether I wanted to admit it or not, choosing to wallow in my hurt and FEELINGS, rather than seek truth and do the RIGHT thing. Don't be decieved into thinking you can claim later that you didn't know. We may be able to fool friends and family but God specializes in the heart. He created the rythm it makes beating in our chest.

He spoke to my heart and asked me to come spend time with Him so he could heal me of my hurt and carry me to the place He had waiting for me. If He is reaching out to you...... Reach back. No one can walk your journey for you. Each of us has to work out our salvation. At some point you must choose who you will serve. Your own selfish desires or God's will.

If you are enduring a trail in this life and are feeling burnt out and numb inside search your heart. Is it broken before God so that He may mend it or is it a heart of stone? He can replace a stoney heart but we must seek Him and not ignore His plea for our time. Nothing replaces time spent in His word and His presence in prayer. No one can do it for us.

God bless you on your journey.

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