Saturday, April 21, 2012

The first step

       I am new to the world of blogging. I am new to a lot of things which is basically why I am starting this blog in the first place.  Four months ago December 19th, 2011 I gave birth naturally to our third child Mercy. This day was the culmination of months of fear, education, anticipation, faith and a life changing answer to hope. It taught me to seek truth. Not someone elses truth but mine. I don't mean that in a self deluded way . I mean sifting through all of the misinformation out there that is skewed towards those wanting unhealthy control in one way or another.  It was initiated by the birth industry and yes I mean industry. However, it then bloomed into seeking a deeper truth in Christ and expounding on this spiritually empowering answer to prayer. So much is changing in my life due to this event and I want to share it with anyone that will be kind enough to lend an ear. Hoping that as I pioneer through my road to mercy (which is solely dependant on God granting it) you may learn from, laugh at and possibly be challenged by what you read.

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