Monday, May 28, 2012

The Birth Book- Part four (D-Day)

    Part One- Conner
    Part Two- Grace
    Part Three- The education

      December 15th a Thursday I started having contractions. My due date was the 14th so I began fighting the phone calls, messages, emails, and drop-ins to check if she was here. They had already begun approaching the due date. I would try to stay positive and just say she'll come when the Lord says. My contractions were about an hour apart for a while and then nothing for a few hours then an hour apart again and they were fairly noticeable. I had my last appointment and we laughed about how I wanted her to wait till after Conner's birthday party on Sunday.

      A good friend of mine had just had her third and contractions, painful ones, went on for days with that little bundle of joy. I really hadn't considered this much as something that would happen to me though because my only experience was them coming out of nowhere hard and fast. Then Friday came contractions were an hour apart all day a few being more intense. I prepped for the party in case she came and I wasn't able it would be easy for someone to take over. Some of them made me want to stay quiet and kind of go in my head and it was hard to talk which happened several times over the phone with family and friends. Husband and I had long decided that we were not telling anyone when we went into labor because sooo many were worried, frightened, critical of the whole decision to have our baby drug free and with a midwife. We didn't want to have to stave off those who would help themselves into the situation which also meant excluding people I would really have loved to share with simply because one tells one who tells two you know how it works.

     This went on through Saturday and I was a mess. I alternated between sobbing that she was not coming and I was going to end up having another c-section. Then I'd sob after reading my scriptures. God was able and I was ashamed at my lack of faith in my God. Who has always shown his self mighty in my life. I wasn't getting sleep, I was taking care of two little ones and hiding the fact that I was having contractions from those around me. It was the perfect storm and my wonderful, amazing husband was sailing the seas with perfect calm and assurance. Soooo.... Sunday comes we have morning service and then Conner's party. Everyone was asking all about the baby, why wasn't she here yet, what will I do if she doesn't come, wouldn't it be funny if she was born Monday on Conner's birthday. And if not I might as well just wait till Christmas. HA!!! Christmas??!!!

     I had to excuse myself a couple of times when the contractions were much more than I could hide. We went through Sunday evening service to not arouse suspicion and while the children's Christmas play was going on I had a dooozy. One of our youth mouthed, "Are you okay?" When my face turned especially red. Lol I just winked and put my finger to my mouth motioning shhhh. She smiled knowingly. I don't know why but that moment made me feel like this is it, wont be long now.

     We went home and this went on all night. The next morning I took a hot shower which helped tremendously. They increased to every thirty minutes some longer some shorter to fifteen minutes not really steady. I bounced on a ball which took the pressure off when the contractions hit. We needed to get my husbands check which meant a 30 minute drive to his office. I had a good cry about how I couldn't take it anymore and I had done this for days!! What if this wasn't even labor and I was so incapable of handling pain that these were braxton hicks and I was about to have a nervous breakdown. These should have been queues to me all taught in birth class. They were to my husband but he let me go through them knowing I think I wouldn't believe him. He said I should call my midwife so I did. She suggested I see the chiropractor I'd seen all through my pregnancy and make sure the baby wasn't in a bad position. So we made our way to get his check and to see the chiropractor.

continued in birth-book-delivery-and-deliverance

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